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Ambient Intelligent Environment

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Daydream: A Smart Partition System

Via Lactea: A Multi-sensory Pod

Ambient Lighting and Attention

An interactive system that optimizes space in a shared area to provide stress relief through the natural movement

A multi-sensory micro pod environment that provides a private space to reduce stress levels and improve mood

A lighting device that monitors attention levels to adjust color to improve work performance and work-life balance

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NeuraLux: A Neurological Lighting for Task-oriented Work Environments

A system that optimizes the focus span with automated ambient lighting to ensure more efficient work

Moodality: A New Modality of Interaction

Adpative Quiet Space for Students with Autism Disorder

An interaction that initiate positive change using brain environment interaction to support mental health

A VR educational environment designed to facilitate students with learning disabilities or mental illness

E.Luo, J.Rusoff, N.He, K.Marin(2020)

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Creativity Room with EEG

Natural Box

UNMASKED: Unmask Your Stress

A case study to produce environmental changes to support children’s creativity levels

Measuring the effect of meditation and gender on reducing stress with brain performance and EEG

A smart lighting system that reduces stress levels of wearing masks through a sensor-equipped mask

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kohanna_LATE_4145_952591_Tale 1_cool, di

Personlized Lighting System for Sleep Initiation and Maintenance

A system in ICU to minimize disturbing lighting settings to support better sleeping for patients

REN: an Ambient Sound System That Reduces Stress for Students

A system to alleviate students' stress with REN (Restorative Environment in Nature)

Smart Written Exposure Therapy 

A therapy that aids existing treatment of PTSD based on Trauma Informed Design theory

A.Koh, T.Schie & Y.Park(2019)

A.Koh, T.Schie & Y.Park(2019)

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