Open Positions for the Design & Augmented Intelligence Lab (DAIL) at Cornell University


We are building a collaborative team of students and researchers with the goal of exploring the intersections of design, human ingenuity, and artificial intelligence and enhancing the features of the virtual and physical worlds. The Design & Augmented Intelligence Lab is part of the Design + Environmental Analysis Department at Cornell University. Our scope extends from personal hand-held artifacts to expansive and interconnected urban landscapes. The lab incorporates interdisciplinary perspectives from fields as diverse as architecture, computer science, and psychology to further develop our understanding of new design technologies and their effects on human well-being. We strive to inclusively collaborate with researchers in various fields and from diverse backgrounds to enhance the ways in which we design and fabricate the built environment.


There are frequent opportunities available at DAIL for postdoctoral fellows, research associates, short-term interns, and visiting scholars, as well as current and prospective students at Cornell.



Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently no position available. 


Fully-funded Ph.D., Application Deadline: November 1, 2019


We are seeking passionate and motivated graduate students to join DAIL. The Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University invites applicants to the Doctoral Program in Human Behavior and Design. The Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Design at Cornell University is a multidisciplinary program integrating the social sciences and design. Research focuses on environmental settings across a range of scales (from products to buildings to cities) that support safe, healthy and productive behaviors and foster sustainable design and lifestyles. 


– Prospective students must first be admitted to a relevant graduate program at Cornell. Please ensure that all of your application materials are submitted by the November 1st deadline. Describe your interest in working at DAIL in your Statement of Purpose and in the Faculty & Research Interests part of your online application.


– Preferred applicants should be interested in pursuing a graduate degree (M.S., M.A., or Ph.D.) focused on design research. They should hold an undergraduate degree in a design discipline, broadly defined, such as architecture, industrial design, product design, interior design, interaction design, user experience, media arts, HCI, HRI, human factors psychology, human-centered design, or human-centered computing/engineering. Successful applications will demonstrate a promise for cultivating new vocabularies of design and new, complex realms of understanding computational design and emerging technologies in design fields.


– Full funding and a living stipend may be offered to qualified doctoral applicants. The degree of Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Design will be awarded in DEA (Design + Environment Analysis) at Cornell University. Research opportunities at DAIL focus on environmental settings across a range of scales (from products to buildings to cities) that support safe, healthy, and productive behaviors and foster sustainable lifestyles. As one of the eight Ivy League Universities, Cornell consistently ranks among the top-20 research universities globally. The university benefits from its beautiful natural surroundings in upstate New York, and adjoins the lively, inclusive downtown of Ithaca.


Students and Scholars Who Are Already Part of Cornell University


We are always looking for bright and motivated students and scholars with design, engineering, and/or computer science backgrounds to join the lab. If you are interested, please send your CV to Dr. Saleh Kalantari <sk3268@cornell.edu>. We will get back to you about the upcoming research and design opportunities at DAIL.

D+EA Ph.D.

Deadline Nov. 1st


Deadline Dec. 1st


Deadline Dec. 1st